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2020-2021 Updated Catalog through 2/22/2021 
2020-2021 Updated Catalog through 2/22/2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PMT 2262C - CNC Machining II

3 Credit Hours
(Fall, Spring, Summer)

This course will offer students a working knowledge of MasterCam Mill 2-D and Solidworks. This is the second class offered which teaches the student 3-D design using solidworks. An in-depth study of CAD/CAM software, CNC processing methods and the set-up of CNC machining centers. The course lectures and lab offer students hands-on applications using Solidworks generated projects processed with Mastercam tool path software to generate various projects. The student will also learn to calculate machining feeds and Speeds, edit CNC programs and part production for Mill and Lathe.

Prerequisite(s): PMT 2261C  or eqivalent experience.

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