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2020-2021 Updated Catalog through 2/22/2021 
2020-2021 Updated Catalog through 2/22/2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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RTE 1824L - Radiography Clinical Education III

4 Credit Hours

This course is a continuation of Radiography Clinical Education II. The student is expected to continue to refine those skills related to objectives listed in Clinical Practicum’s I and II. The student will gain experience and develop clinical competence in general radiographic procedures such as the cranium and specialized contrast studies. Advanced patient care skills, critical thinking, imaging and exposure techniques, radiation protection application and image processing will be emphasized. This rotation covers clinical experience in all phases of fundamental radiologic procedures and image critique. Students will rotate through ancillary departments in this course.

Prerequisite(s): RTE 1814L  

Corequisite(s): RTE 2523C .

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