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2020-2021 Updated Catalog through 2/22/2021 
2020-2021 Updated Catalog through 2/22/2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NUR 2241C - Nursing Process IV

5 Credit Hours
(Fall, Spring)

Students integrate knowledge and principles of the biophysical and psychosocial sciences to solve life-threatening problems that affect a limited number of critically ill clients in a variety of clinical settings. Students differentiate holistic nursing care therapies in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings. Students become proficient in applying all steps in the nursing process with emphasis on evaluating nursing care outcomes. Students apply critical thinking skills in exploring case-based practice situations and work together in simulation seminars to select effective client care improvement processes. Self-evaluation is part of the socialization process to prepare students for the work world as competent, caring staff nurses. Nursing practice issues include licensure standards and continued professional development.

Prerequisite(s): Permission from the Director of Nursing or NUR 2233C   or   

Corequisite(s): NUR 2241L ,   

Prereq/Corequisites: SYG 2000  

Special Nursing program policies may apply to this course.

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