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2018-2019 Updated Catalog Updated Through 1/9/2019 
2018-2019 Updated Catalog Updated Through 1/9/2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Digital Media/Multimedia Technology (AS)

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Admission Program Objective Code DMMT
State CIP Code 1611080103

The Digital Media/Multimedia programs are intended for students interested in working in commercial art fields that include electronic publishing, digital video production, and website development.

Students who successfully complete selected courses from this program of study may be eligible to receive the college credit certificates in Digital Media/Multimedia Authoring (CCC)  (State CIP Code 0609070209) and/or Digital Media/Multimedia Presentation (CCC)  (State CIP Code 0609070209).

Students are encouraged, but not required, to contact Digital Media faculty at 729-6019 for detailed advising to plan a program of study before enrolling in courses.

General Education

Select one course from each category; see the AS Degree General Education Requirements  section of catalog for specific course listings:

  • ____ ____ Communication Skills 3 Credit Hours
  • ____ ____ Humanities 3 Credit Hours
  • ____ ____ Mathematics 3 Credit Hours
  • ____ ____ Natural Sciences 3 Credit Hours
  • ____ ____ Social Sciences 3 Credit Hours
  • ____ ____ Additional General Education Credits 3 Credit Hours

Total General Education Credits Required: 18

Core Courses

Total Core Credits Required: 21

Technical Elective Courses

Select 21 credits from the following:

Total Technical Elective Credits Required: 21

Total Program Credits Required: 60

Suggested Two Year Academic Plan

This program admits students in the fall/spring/summer semester(s). Below is a sample academic plan for these students admitted in the identified semester.

Digital Media/Multimedia Technology (AS) (DMMT) Companion Certificate*
First Year DMMA DMMP
Fall Semester
PGY 1801C - Digital Photography I 4 Credit Hours  
GRA 1151C - Illustration I 3 Credit Hours  
ENC 1101 - English Composition I 3 Credit Hours ♦ ▲ ¶  
Mathematics General Education 3 Credit Hours
Additional General Education 2 Credits
Total Semester Hours:  15
Spring Semester
ART 2602C - Digital Imaging I 4 Credit Hours  
ARH 1000 - Art Appreciation 3 Credit Hours ❖ † ♦ ¶  
GRA 2190C - Graphic Design I 3 Credit Hours  
PGY 1220C - Commercial Photography I 4 Credit Hours   
Total Semester Hours:  14
Summer Semester
Social Science General Education 3 Credit Hours
PGY 2802C - Digital Photography II 4 Credit Hours  
Total Semester Hours: 7
Second Year    
Fall Semester
GRA 2140C - Multimedia I 4 Credit Hours  
ART 2603C - Digital Imaging II 4 Credit Hours  
Science General Education 4 Credit Hours
Total Semester Hours:  12
Spring Semester
CGS 2820 - Web Design 3 Credit Hours 
GRA 2141C - Multimedia II 4 Credit Hours  
GRA 2905 - Independent Study – Graphic Design 1 Credit Hour 
PGY 2221C - Commercial Photography II 4 Credit Hours  
Total Semester Hours:  12
Total Program Hours:  60    
*  Courses with √ can also be used in the Companion Certificate indicated:
DMMA - Digital Media/Multimedia Authoring (CCC)  
DMMP - Digital Media/Multimedia Presentation (CCC)  

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