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2018-2019 Updated Catalog Updated Through 1/9/2019 
2018-2019 Updated Catalog Updated Through 1/9/2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adult Education

NWF State College offers a comprehensive program of non-credit instruction designed to improve the employability and life skills of adult students. Courses are offered in Adult Basic Education (ABE), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and GED preparation. Each adult education course is offered for a small set fee each semester, which includes materials and supplies. The adult education program is designed for adults who have academic skills below the ninth grade level, those who do not have a high school diploma or those who have a primary language other than English. Special program emphasis is placed on preparing the student to become college ready. Students enrolled in adult education will receive free transition services to become college ready. These services include preparation for the college placement test, career exploration and assessment, developing a career pathway, financial aid and scholarship assistance, and career readiness skills. Visit the Adult Education/GED Preparation webpage or call the Adult Education Department at (850) 729-5387 for more information.

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Adult Basic Education (ABE) at NWF State College consists of small group instruction with lab support leading to the mastery of the basic skills needed by adults to function in today’s complex society. ABE classes are designed for students who want to improve their basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. The curriculum is divided into four literacy levels: beginning, basic, intermediate, and advanced.

General Education Development (GED) Preparation

GED classes prepare students to take the General Education Development examination, which leads to the State of Florida High School Diploma. Instruction is targeted at the secondary level with subject content in the areas of writing, social studies, science, reading, and mathematics.

The NWF State College Testing Center offers the Official GED Examination throughout the academic year. Students must register in advance for the exam and pay an examination fee. Testing is offered at the Niceville Campus.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

ESOL classes are eligible to students who have a primary language other than English. ESOL classes are designed to prepare students to communicate effectively in a multi-faceted society. This course is divided into six literacy levels. Students are administered the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) test for placement into a literacy level. Course content is compatible with principles of language acquisition for adult learners of English and includes skills useful in both workplace life and academic applications.

Transition Services to Postsecondary Education

College credit transition services are available to GED graduates and adult education students preparing for the GED. College readiness services include the development of a transition plan that includes career assessment, academic tutoring, peer mentoring by college credit students, as well as scholarship, financial aid, and college credit admissions assistance.