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2017-2018 Updated Catalog through 11/17/2017 
2017-2018 Updated Catalog through 11/17/2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PMT 2261C - CNC Machining I

3 Credit Hours
(Fall, Spring, Summer)

This course provides training in CNC machine operation and programming. The student will gain technical knowledge and programming methods employed in CNC machining centers. CNC Machine programming, set-up and operations are taught using computer and hands on applications. Metal fabrication processes are taught through lectures, demonstration and student generated projects. Completion of this course offers students technical skills as a CNC operator processes to be applied in various machining and fabrication industries. MasterCam–Lathe is taught to provide the student programming application in CNC machining.

Prerequisite(s): PMT 1250C  or equivalent experience.

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