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2017-2018 Updated Catalog through 11/17/2017 
2017-2018 Updated Catalog through 11/17/2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SCE 4945 - Internship - Middle Grades Science

9 Credit Hours
(Offered as needed)

Supervised teaching of Middle Grades Science in an assigned school. Student teaching assignments will be made by the Department of Teacher Education Field Placement Coordinator.    This course requires a minimum grade of “C”.  Current background check (fingerprinting) acceptable to the District in which the field experience will take place is required for this course.

Prerequisite(s): Upper division standing with permission of department chair.

EDF 3214 EDF 3430 , EDG 3343 EDG 3410C EME 3410C EEX 3070 ,  ESC 1000 EVR 3949 ISC 4145 MET 1010C , RED 3324C , RED 3335C SCE 3350C , SCE 4940C , TSL 3081C , and CHM 1020  or PHY 1020  

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