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2017-2018 Updated Catalog through 11/17/2017 
2017-2018 Updated Catalog through 11/17/2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MAN 3120 - Leadership and Group Dynamics

3 Credit Hours

An applied leadership course with a focus on case studies, projects and group interaction; includes theoretical background on group dynamics, small group behavior and motivation, power, types of groups, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and team-building. Emphasis will be placed on sociological and psychological dimensions of inter-group relations, including analysis and problem-solving through simulations, cases and similar activities which reflect a general business perspective, as well as leadership and group dynamics across a variety of business units/functions.

Prerequisite(s): upper division standing is required.  Concurrent or prior enrollment in GEB 3031  and MAN 3052 , and knowledge of basic computer and keyboarding skills are strongly recommended.

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