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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

General Education

A.A. General Education Requirements  

A.A.S. Degree General Education Requirements  

A.S. Degree General Education Requirements  

Civic Literacy Competency

General Education Core Digital Badges

College Level Communication and Computation Skills (previously Gordon Rule)


All NWFSC degree programs contain both specialized courses and general education courses. Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Associate in Arts (A.A.) students complete at least thirty-six (36) general education credits from five subject area categories - Communications, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.. Associate in Science students complete at least eighteen (18) general education credits from five (5) subject areas. Associate in Science students must complete at least eighteen (18) general education credits from the same five (5) subject area categories. The general education component of each program is designed to further the mission and goals of the College.

General Education in All Degrees

 The general education component of each program is designed to further the mission and goals of the college. Upon successful completion of general education coursework, the student will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing and speaking;
  2. Apply reflection, analysis, synthesis, logical reasoning and evaluation to formulate judgments, reach decisions and solve problems;
  3. Understand and apply mathematical and scientific principles and methods;
  4. Find, evaluate, organize and use information accurately and effectively; and
  5. Participate actively as informed and responsible citizens in social, cultural, global and environmental matters.


College Level Communication and Computation Skills (previously Gordon Rule)

The NWFSC General Education Program is designed to conform to all applicable regional accreditation criteria, Florida State Board of Education Rules, and the Florida Statewide Articulation Agreement. 

As per FAC Rule 6A-10.030, prior to receipt of an Associate in Arts degree from a Florida College System institution or university or prior to entry into the upper division of a public university or college, a student shall complete successfully (grade of “C” or higher) all of the following. (Note: Successful completion of the General Education requirements for the Associate in Arts degree satisfies this requirement.):  

  • Six (6) semester hours of English coursework and  
  • Six (6) semester hours of designated general education humanities, social science and history courses that require the student to demonstrate college-level writing skills through multiple writing assignments and  
  • Six (6) semester hours of mathematics coursework at the level of college algebra or higher.


All Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.), and Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree-seekers must earn a grade of “C” or higher in each College-Level Communication and Computation Skills course used to satisfy general education requirements, whether the credits are earned at NWFSC or elsewhere.

Civic Literacy Competency

In accordance with FAC Rule 6A-10.02413, Civic Literacy Competency, as required by section 1007.25(4), Florida Statutes (F.S.), students enrolled in an A.A. or baccalaureate program initially entering the Florida College System or State University System under the 2021-2022 Catalog or later must demonstrate civic literacy competency prior to graduation through successful completion (with a grade of “C” or higher) of POS 1041 or AMH 2020 and by achieving a passing score on an assessment outlined in the table below.

Prior to the award of an associate in science or associate in applied science degree, students initially entering a Florida College System institution in the 2022-23 school year, and thereafter, must demonstrate competency in civic literacy.

Assessment   Standard Score
AP Government and Politics:  United States    3
AP United States History    4
CLEP:  American Government   50
Florida Civic Literacy Exam  60%

General Education Core Digital Badges

ENC1101 and the “Fundamentals of Written Communication” Digital Badge 

Upon completion of ENC1101 or a course for which ENC1101 is a prerequisite with a grade “C” or better, a “Fundamentals of Written Communication” digital badge will be automatically awarded. 

Defining “Fundamentals of Written Communication” 

Effective written communication is the ability to communicate ideas, information, and perspectives clearly, adapting a message to different audiences and situations, and using the appropriate style to convey meaning in various written contexts. 

Learning Outcomes 

By completing the college course associated with this badge, you will demonstrate information literacy, comprehension of written material, and conveying information in writing for a variety of rhetorical purposes and audiences. Some of the learning outcomes associated with the college course that results in this badge include the following: 

  • Examining and analyzing written material. 
  • Synthesizing information and ideas. 
  • Developing content relevant to the purpose. 
  • Demonstrating the ability to write to a specific audience. 
  • Presenting a perspective informed by research and critical thinking. 
  • Revising written communication based on feedback. 

Importance in Workplace 

  • Enhances an employee’s ability to interpret and evaluate a wide variety of written material. 
  • Promotes research, critical thinking, and problem solving. 
  • Advances the development of clearly written material relevant to the intent. 
  • Enhances the use of appropriate language for the intended audience. 
  • Increases the competent, effective, and responsible use of information. 


A digital badge will be available to students upon completion of credential requirements. This badge includes the logos for the FCS and SUS and includes the title, “Fundamentals of Written Communication.”