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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

Developmental Education

Developmental Education Overview

Developmental education courses are designed to improve students’ skills in English, reading, and mathematics and prepare them for success in their college level courses, career fields, and/or the workplace.

NWFSC students are encouraged to visit the Learning Commons for instructional support and to take advantage of individual and group study areas, computers, whiteboards, and free printing. Free tutoring is offered in-person or remotely, providing students with support in study skills, reading, writing, math, and other general subject areas. Appointments are preferred to guarantee time with a tutor. However, students who wish to visit the Math Lab do not require an advance appointment. Students can also upload their papers for a tutor to review. Visit Learning Commons for more information, as well as hours, availability, and scheduling links. Students can email or for questions and assistance with services at other campus locations.

Successful completion of the developmental requirement is defined as:

  • A grade of “C” or higher in each required developmental course and
  • Attainment of a passing score on each required developmental exit examination.

Students enrolled in developmental courses may, at the same time, take college credit courses for which they are qualified. In this manner, a student may begin earning credits that apply toward their program of study while completing developmental requirements.

Placement Testing

A student’s placement test scores ensure accurate placement in Developmental courses. However, some students are exempt from placement testing, although they may opt to take the placement test in order to gauge their readiness for college-level work.

Exempt Students

Exempt students are defined by FAC Rule 6A-10.0315 and Florida Statute 1008.30 as Active Duty Military students or students who entered 9th grade in a Florida public school in the 2003-2004 school year, or any year thereafter, and earned a Florida standard high school diploma are not required to take a placement test or take Developmental Education courses.  Exempt students who choose to take a placement test to measure their college readiness are not bound by the scores to enter developmental education; however, they may elect to enroll in developmental education. See the Placement Chart below for course placement scores. 

Non-Exempt Students

Non-exempt students who have not earned credit for college level coursework for reading, writing, and mathematics shall be assessed for readiness for college-level work prior to the completion of initial registration. Non-exempt students whose assessment results indicate a need for developmental education shall be enrolled in courses as outlined in the Placement Chart.

Math Courses Flow Chart

Mathematics Course Sequence   

Placement Chart

Understanding Your Placement Scores  

Repeat Enrollments and Attempts in Developmental Courses

If a student receives a grade below a C in or withdraws from a developmental course, he/she may repeat the course to improve the grade and meet developmental requirements. Students should refer to the Repeating Courses section for additional information about the impact on grades. Students may not audit a developmental course unless advance approval is granted through Academic Affairs.

Per Florida statute 1009.285, after the second attempt in any college credit or developmental course, a student must pay the full cost of instruction (approximately four times the usual matriculation fees) to repeat the course. In documented cases of financial hardship or extenuating and compelling circumstances, the full cost requirement may be appealed via the Request for Exception: Business Office Form. Please see the official appeal form for specific guidelines and criteria. Students receiving financial aid or veterans’ benefits should consult with a Student Success Navigator before repeating a course; benefits and aid may not be available for certain repeat enrollments. 

Alternatives for Students No Longer Eligible for College Developmental Enrollment

Once a student has exhausted their course attempts in each developmental area, the only ways to satisfy the developmental requirement are: a) retake an eligible placement examination and demonstrate a score above the established minimum for that subject area or b) provide documentation of successful completion of an equivalent or higher-level course at a postsecondary institution or c) the student may consider a revised program of study which does not carry a developmental requirement. The college offers several college credit and vocational certificates for which placement testing and developmental instruction are not applicable.

 The student should work closely with a Student Success Navigator to identify eligible alternatives and develop a plan for continued study.  This plan should include utilizing Zoghby Learning Commons resources

College and Personal Success Classes

Courses focusing on college and personal success strategies are beneficial to a student’s academic career and can be used as an elective in some degree programs. NWFSC offers the following college credit courses:

  • SLS 1101 College Success  is a recommended course for all students enrolled in the first level of developmental instruction of reading, mathematics or English, or for any student that is required to take any two or more developmental courses regardless of the level.