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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Management and Supervision – Public Safety (B.A.S.)

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State CIP Code 1105202991

*This program is available fully online

**All students must meet with an advisor prior to registration to ensure proper course sequence. Students must enroll in PAD 3003 during the first semester of the program.


See the B.A.S. Management and Supervision Flowchart   .

Lower Division Requirements

Unless otherwise specified, select courses from each category; see the A.A. Degree General Education Requirements  section of catalog for course listings:

General Education Course Requirements

NWFSC General Education Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of general education coursework, the student will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing and speaking;
  2. Apply reflection, analysis, synthesis, logical reasoning and evaluation to formulate judgments, reach decisions and solve problems.
  3. Understand and apply mathematical and scientific principles and methods;
  4. Find, evaluate, organize and use information accurately and effectively;
  5. Participate actively as informed and responsible citizens in social, cultural, global and environmental matters.


Total General Education Credits: 36

Lower Division Electives: 24

Total Lower Division (Associates Degree) Requirements: 60

Foreign Language

A minimum of 6 credit hours must be earned in one foreign language at the college level, or successful completion of two sequential credits in high school foreign language, or an appropriate score on an approved CLEP examination.

  • ___-____ - Foreign Language
  • ___-____ - Foreign Language

Upper Division Requirements

Total Core Requirements: 21

Total Emphasis Requirements: 21

Technical Electives*

Students will work with an advisor to develop a program of study that includes upper division technical electives from the approved list below:






     MAC 2233  -  Business Calculus  -  3 Credit Hours  





Technical Electives Course Requirements: 18

Total Upper Division Credits Required*: 60

*Depending on the student’s associate’s degree, with department approval, some lower division credits may be substituted for upper division credits in the technical electives area.

Total Program Credits Required: 120

Suggested Two Year Academic Plan

This program admits students in the fall/spring/summer semester(s). Below is a sample academic plan for these students admitted in the identified semester.


Management and Supervision - Public Safety (B.A.S.) (BAPS)

First Year

Fall Semester

GEB 3213  -  Business and Administrative Communication 3 Credit Hours    

MAN 3052  -  Management Philosophy and Practice 3 Credit Hours  

MAN 3320  -  Employee Staffing and Benefits  -  3 Credit Hours   

MAN 3240  -  Organizational Behavior 3 Credit Hours   

Technical Elective 3 Credit Hours

Total Semester Hours: 15 

Spring Semester

BUL 3320  -  Law and Business 3 Credit Hours  

ACG 3083  -  Accounting: Concepts and Practice 3 Credit Hours   

GEB 3434  -  Ethics for Business Leaders 3 Credit Hours  

MAN 3310  -  Issues in Human Resource Management 3 Credit Hours  

Technical Elective 3 Credit Hours

Total Semester Hours: 15 

Second Year

Fall Semester

QMB 3250  -  Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions 3 Credit Hours  

FIN 4402  -  Financial and Economic Management 3 Credit Hours  

MAR 4333  -  Marketing Strategy  -  3 Credit Hours  

MAN 3350  -  Training and Development  -  3 Credit Hours  

Technical Elective 3 Credit Hours

Total Semester Hours: 15

Spring Semester

HUS 4950  -  Capstone: Human Resources Management  -  3 Credit Hours  

MAN 4720  -  Strategic Planning and Management  -  3 Credit Hours  

Technical Elective 3 Credit Hours

Technical Elective 3 Credit Hours

Technical Elective 3 Credit Hours

Total Semester Hours: 15 

Total Upper Division Program Hours: 60


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