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2019-2020 Updated Catalog Updated Through 11/19/2019 
2019-2020 Updated Catalog Updated Through 11/19/2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NUR 2811L - Nursing Practicum

3 Credit Hours
(Fall, Spring)

This course is a capstone course and provides a time during the last four weeks of the nursing program in which students begin to transition from the student role into the graduate role as an associate degree nurse.   Students attend seminar hours and complete standardized testing for evaluation in proficiency in applying all steps in the nursing process with emphasis on evaluating safe nursing care outcomes. Students complete clinical practice hours with an experienced registered nurse preceptor to provide holistic nursing care for a limited number of clients.  The focus is on demonstration of all professional behaviors and competencies expected of the associate degree registered nurse graduate at entry level. Clinical experiences provide hands-on learning opportunities, enhancing clinical thinking, safe nursing judgment, and clinical confidence in skills.   Clinical experiences take place in a variety of clinical settings and work schedules.


Corequisite(s):  ,   

Special Nursing Program policies may apply to this course.

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