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2019-2020 Updated Catalog Updated Through 11/19/2019 
2019-2020 Updated Catalog Updated Through 11/19/2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NUR 2233C - Nursing Process III

6 Credit Hours
(Fall, Spring)

Students continue to use the nursing process and critical thinking with emphasis on primary and secondary prevention as nursing interventions in clients experiencing threats to functional health patterns, including during the childbearing process and children whose normal lines of defense have been invaded by stressors to the degree that hospitalization is necessary.  Nursing practice issues continue to focus on ethical-legal issues related to acute and/or chronic illness and disability.  Management skills include delegation and career development.

Prerequisite(s): NUR 1231C  & NUR 1142   or approval from the program director.

Corequisite(s): NUR 2233L  

Prereq/Corequisites: MCB 2010C 

Special Nursing Program policies may apply to this course.

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