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2019-2020 Updated Catalog Updated Through 11/19/2019 
2019-2020 Updated Catalog Updated Through 11/19/2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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LIT 2335 - Introduction to Children’s and Adolescent Literature

3 Credit Hours ❖
(Offered as needed)

Designed to explore the range and diversity of the children’s literary canon, surveying the historical development of children’s and adolescent literature (pre-school to eighth grade) and the construction of socio-cultural influences. While the focus is predominantly on classic works from the tradition of American and British fiction, poetry, folklore and fairy tales, drama, and picture books, the course nonetheless addresses multi-cultural issues and texts in order to broaden the cultural vision provided by the literary study. This course will be a General Education elective, but will not meet the Humanities or English General Education requirements. Course has international/diversity focus for Teacher Education program common prerequisites.

Prerequisite(s): ENC 1101 .

❖ Courses listed with this symbol have an international and/or diversity focus and meet Teacher Education Programs’ common prerequisites.

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