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2019-2020 Updated Catalog Updated Through 11/19/2019 
2019-2020 Updated Catalog Updated Through 11/19/2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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COP 2011 - Advanced Applications Programming in Visual Basic

3 Credit Hours

This course introduces the advanced features of Visual Basic.Net. The student will learn to create advanced versions of innovative and useful Windows programs using Rapid Application Development techniques. Topics to be discussed include: basic and advanced graphical user interface development; sequential file processing; advanced object-oriented programming; ActiveX components; advanced database management development including interfacing to external applications and Visual Basic’s internal database manager; multimedia, networking; and advanced data structures.

Prerequisite(s): COP 1000  is required and knowledge of basic computer and keyboarding skills are strongly recommended.

▲Technology-Across-the-Curriculum Course.

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