Oct 03, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing (BS)

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State CIP Code 1105138012

*This program is fully available online.

The baccalaureate program in nursing at Northwest Florida State College is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org).

The program is an RN to BSN degree career ladder and is open to applicants who currently hold a valid Registered Nursing license and have completed an ADN or diploma program. The program can be completed in three to four semesters. Program content for the B.S.N. program meets those specified in Florida’s A.S. to B.S. Articulation Manual.  All theory courses are taught through NWF Online (https://www.nwfsc.edu/online/) and observership experiences can be completed near the student’s residence.

Lower Division Courses

Unless otherwise specified, select courses from each category, see the AA Degree General Education Requirements  section of catalog for course listings:

A minimum grade of “C” in all lower division courses is required.

General Education Course Requirements

(To include GE courses that are required B.S.N. Common Prerequisites)


NWFSC General Education Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of general education coursework, the student will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing and speaking;
  2. Apply reflection, analysis, synthesis, logical reasoning and evaluation to formulate judgments, reach decisions and solve problems.
  3. Understand and apply mathematical and scientific principles and methods;
  4. Find, evaluate, organize and use information accurately and effectively;
  5. Participate actively as informed and responsible citizens in social, cultural, global and environmental matters.


Total General Education Credits: 36

B.S.N. Common Prerequisite Courses

(Additional Common Prerequisites to those listed above under GE)

Total Common Prerequisite Courses: 13

Foreign Language

Credits must be earned in the same foreign language; the requirement may also be satisfied with two years of the same high school foreign language or appropriate score on an approved CLEP examination.

Total Foreign Language Credits: 8

Lower Division Nursing and Other Courses

Generally, these are the NUR courses required in the associate degree nursing program; credits may vary depending on how many additional non-NUR credits are needed to meet associate degree requirements.

Total Lower Division Nursing and Other Courses: 10-44

Total Lower Division Credits: 76

Lower division credits may differ from this number depending on whether or not the student must complete additional prerequisites or foreign language credits.

Upper Division Courses

Core Courses

A minimum grade of “C” in each Core course is required.

Total Upper Division Nursing Credits: 30

Upper Division Nursing Electives

Choose one 3 credit hour course listed below:

Articulation Credits

Credits are awarded during the final semester of the program.

Total Articulation Credits: 14

Total Upper Division Credits: 44

Total Program Credits Required: 120

Suggested Two Year Academic Plan

This program admits students in the fall/spring/summer semester(s). Below is a sample academic plan for these students admitted in the identified semester.

Nursing (BS) (BSNG)
First Year
Fall Semester
NUR 3071 - Writing for Success in Nursing 1 Credit Hour  
NUR 3080 - Dimensions of Baccalaureate Nursing Practice 3 Credit Hours  
NUR 3067C - Health Assessment 3 Credit Hours  
ENC 1102 - English Composition II 3 Credit Hours ¶  
Total Semester Hours:  10
Spring Semester
NUR 4125 - Clinical Pathophysiology 3 Credit Hours   
NUR 3837 - Health Care Issues 3 Credit Hours   
General Education Humanities Course 3 Credit Hours
General Education Social Science Course(PSY 2012, SYG 2000, POS 1041, or AMH 2020) 3 Credit Hours
Total Semester Hours:  12
Summer Semester
General Education Physical Science Course (CHM or PHY) 3 or 4 Credit Hours
STA 2023 - Statistics 3 Credit Hours ♦   
Foreign Language I 4 Credit Hours
Total Semester Hours: 10-11
Second Year
Fall Semester
NUR 4615C - Family and Community Health Nursing 5 Credit Hours   
NUR 4165 - Evidence-Based Practice: Incorporating Nursing Research 3 Credit Hours   
Foreign Language II 4 Credit Hours
Total Semester Hours:  12
Spring Semester
NUR 4827C - Nursing Leadership and Management 5 Credit Hours   
BSN Nursing Elective 3 Credit Hours
NUR 4956 - Portfolio 1 Credit Hour   
Total Semester Hours:  9
Articulation credits are awarded upon enrollment in NUR 4956 14 Credit Hours
Total Artiulation Credits:  14
Total Upper Division Program Hours:  67-68

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