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2014 - 2015 Updated Catalog through 1/6/15 
2014 - 2015 Updated Catalog through 1/6/15 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MTB 1103 - Business Mathematics

3 Credit Hours
(Fall, Spring, Summer)

This course presents basic principles used to solve everyday business problems, including a review of basic skills and business terminology. Topics in the course include the following: base, rate and percentage, trade and cash discounts, wage and salary administration, insurance (fire and automobile), depreciation and business profits, distribution of corporate dividends, simple interest and bank discount, and buying and selling of corporation bonds and stocks.

Prerequisite(s): completion of   with a “C” or better or satisfactory test scores.

* This college credit course is not intended for transfer and may not be applied toward the A.A. degree.

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