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2016-2017 Updated Catalog through 4/19/17 
2016-2017 Updated Catalog through 4/19/17 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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FIN 4402 - Financial and Economic Management

3 Credit Hours
(Fall, Spring)

This course addresses the application of contemporary theory and practice in business resource allocation. Topics include: capital budgeting, equity and capital financing, capital management, analysis of financial statements, pricing theory, management of working capital and other topics relevant to the acquisition, financing and management of business assets and business decision making. Both the economic and financial perspectives will be presented.

Prerequisite(s): upper division standing and ACG 3083 ; or upper division standing and ACG 2001  and ACG 2011 ; or upper division standing and ECO 2013  or ECO 2023 . ECO 2013  or ECO 2023  is strongly recommended. (With advance approval, students who have completed both ECO 2013  and ECO 2023  may substitute an upper division elective for this course.)

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