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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Radiography (AS)

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State CIP Code 1351091100

The Radiography program is based on selective admission, subject to additional policies and licensure requirements. The admission criteria and process are subject to change; students should refer to the Selective Program Admissions Radiography (AS) webpage for the most current information. All courses in the Radiography program, including required general education and core courses, must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” to graduate with the AS Degree in Radiography. Graduates are eligible to sit for the ARRT certification exam. For additional information, contact the Health Technology Department at (850) 729-6444.

Please note:  In order to be a part of the Radiography program applicant pool, students must declare Radiography as their intended major on the online admissions application.

General Education

Unless otherwise noted, select one core course from each category; see the AS Degree General Education Requirements  section of catalog for specific course listings:

Total General Education Credits Required: 20

Total Core Credits Required: 57

Total Program Credits Required: 77

Suggested Two Year Academic Plan

This program admits students in the fall/spring/summer semester(s). Below is a sample academic plan for these students admitted in the identified semester.

Radiography (AS) (RADT)
First  Year
Summer Semester
BSC 1085C - Anatomy and Physiology I 4 Credit Hours ♦  
ENC 1101 - English Composition I 3 Credit Hours ♦ ¶  
____ ____ Core Mathematics 3 Credit Hours ♦
Total Semester Hours:  10
Fall Semester
BSC 1086C - Anatomy and Physiology II 4 Credit Hours  
RTE 1000 - Introduction to Radiologic Technology 2 Credit Hours  
RTE 1111 - Introduction to Radiographic Patient Care 2 Credit Hours  
RTE 1503C - Radiographic Procedures I 4 Credit Hours  
RTE 1418 - Radiographic Techniques I 3 Credit Hours  
RTE 1804L - Radiography Clinical Education I 3 Credit Hours  
Total Semester Hours:  18
Spring Semester
RTE 1513C - Radiographic Procedures II 4 Credit Hours  
RTE 1457C - Radiographic Techniques II 4 Credit Hours  
RTE 1814L - Radiography Clinical Education II 3 Credit Hours  
POS 1041 - American Government 3 Credit Hours ♦ ¶ Ω  OR AMH 2020 - American History II 3 Credit Hours ♦ ¶ Ω  
RTE 2571 - Introduction to Computed Tomography 1 Credit Hour  
Total Semester Hours:  15
Summer Semester
Core Humanities 3 Credit Hours ♦ 
RTE 1824L - Radiography Clinical Education III 4 Credit Hours  
RTE 2523C - Radiographic Procedures III 3 Credit Hours  
Total Semester Hours:  10
Second Year
Fall Semester
RTE 2385 - Radiographic Protection and Biology 3 Credit Hours  
RTE 2473 - Radiographic Quality Assurance 2 Credit Hours  
RTE 2533C - Radiographic Procedures IV 2 Credit Hours  
RTE 2844L - Radiography Clinical Education IV 5 Credit Hours  
Total Semester Hours:  12
Spring Semester
RTE 2061 - Radiographic Preparation for Practice 4 Credit Hours  
RTE 2782 - Radiographic Pathology 3 Credit Hours  
RTE 2854L - Radiography Clinical Education V 5 Credit Hours  
Total Semester Hours:  12
Total Program Hours:  77

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