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2021-2022 Updated Catalog through 05/04/2022 
2021-2022 Updated Catalog through 05/04/2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Pilot Technology (AS)

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Admission Program of Study Code (AS-AIRP)

State CIP Code 1649010200


This program provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to earn the FAA pilot certificates required to begin their flying careers. Students may start taking course leading to the degree, however, they must first obtain a private pilot certificate prior to starting in flight training courses. Students completing the degree will earn a Commercial Pilot certificate with single and multi-engine, and instrument rating. Student may also earn a Flight Instructor certificate as an elective. Students already holding pilot certificates and/or ratings may receive college credit for those certificates as determined by Northwest Florida State College program policies and the Federal Aviation Administration rules which may include an evaluation of the student’s certificates, training received, and conducting flight proficiency checks. Additionally, this is a high cost program and it requires the student to first obtain the appropriate medical certificate prior to the start of flight training. Successful completion of the program will allow graduates to start in entry-level jobs as pilots or as flight instructors to enable building the required flight hours for more advanced flying careers.

General Education

Total General Education Credits Required: 18

Total Technical Core Credits Required: 39

Total Specialization Elective Credits Required: 7

Total Program Credits Required: 64

Suggested Two-Year Academic Plan

This program admits students in the fall/spring/summer semester(s). Below is a sample academic plan for these students admitted in the identified semester.

Professional Pilot Technology (AS) (AS-AIRP)

First Year
Fall Semester
ENC 1101 - English Composition I 3 Credit Hours ♦ ¶      
ATT 1100 - Private Pilot Ground School 3 Credit Hours  
PHI 2600 - Introduction to Ethics 3 Credit Hours ❖ † ¶  
ASC 2210 - Aviation Meteorology 3 Credit Hours  
MAC 1105 - College Algebra 3 Credit Hours ♦  
Total Semester Hours:  15
Spring Semester
PHY 1020 - Physical Science 3 Credit Hours ♦  
ASC 1320 - Aviation Laws and Regulations 3 Credit Hours  
ASC 1610C - Aircraft Systems and Components 3 Credit Hours  
ATT 1120 - Instrument Rating Ground School 3 Credit Hours  
ATF 2305L - Instrument Pilot Flight I 1 Credit Hour  
Total Semester Hours:  13
Second Year
Fall Semester
ASC 1870 - Aviation Safety 3 Credit Hours  
ATT 2110 - Commercial Pilot Ground School 3 Credit Hours  
ATF 2201L - Commercial Flight I 1 Credit Hour  
ATF 2202L - Commercial Flight II 1 Credit Hour  
POS 1041 - American Government 3 Credit Hours ♦ ¶ Ω  
ASC 2550 - Aerodynamics 3 Credit Hours  
Total Semester Hours: 14
Spring Semester
ATF 2203L - Commercial Flight III 1 Credit Hour  
ATF 2400L - Multi Engine Flight I 1 Credit Hour  
ASC 2473 - Human Factors and Resource Management 3 Credit Hours  
ATT 2131 - Certified Flight Instructor Ground 3 Credit Hours   
ATF 2500L - Certified Flight Instructor I 1 Credit Hour  
Specialized Elective 3 Credit Hours
Total Semester Hours:  12
Third Year
Fall Semester
ENC 2210 - Technical Report Writing 3 Credit Hours  
SLS 2505 - Critical Thinking 3 Credit Hours  
ATF 2530L - Certified Flight Instructor Instrument 1 Credit Hour  
Specialized Elective 3 Credit Hours
Total Semester Hours:  10
Total Program Hours:  64

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