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2021-2022 Updated Catalog through 05/04/2022 
2021-2022 Updated Catalog through 05/04/2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DES 0830 - Expanded Function Theory

30 Clock Hours
(Offered as needed)

This course introduces the dental assisting student to the dental specialty practices and more advanced clinical skills. It also provides the theory of dental specialty practice administration as it relates to the role of the dental assistant including ethical and legal ramifications. Lectures relate topics including but not limited to dental specialty procedures, instruments used in the specialty practices and duties delegated to dental assistants according to the rules and regulations of the Florida Dental Practice Act. Role playing and problem solving activities using case studies relate to duties delegated to dental assistants.

Prerequisite(s): DEA 0020 , DEA 0020L , DES 0400 DES 0103 DES 0103L    

Corequisite(s): DES 0830L  

*Vocational courses are not applicable to the A.A. or A.S. degree or to the College Credit Certificate without an approved articulation agreement. Vocational courses, offered in clock hours, are courses that can be used for the awarding of Career and Technical or Vocational Certificates. In addition, vocational courses may be articulated to college credit and applied to college credit certificates or A.S. degree programs. Students should work closely with an advisor to plan their studies in a way to take advantage of this opportunity.

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