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2013-2014 Updated Catalog through 2/12/14 
2013-2014 Updated Catalog through 2/12/14 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education (BSE)

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Admission Program Objective Code S200E
State CIP Code 1101312021

The first sixty credits in the following program of study are designed to prepare students not only for the A.A. degree, but also for the General Knowledge exam and Elementary Subject Area exam of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE).

If you plan to be an elementary school teacher and are just beginning your A.A. degree, this program of study will best prepare you for that career choice. If you have already completed your A.A. degree and some of your general education courses differ from those listed below, your A.A. degree will still meet that component of the admission process; however, you may need to complete additional coursework, independent study, or workshops to be well prepared for the FTCE Elementary Subject Area exam. A passing score on the FTCE Elementary Subject Area exam is one of the graduation requirements for this degree. For a detailed summary of graduation requirements for this degree program, see Bachelor of Science graduation requirement section.

Courses with the “C” designation include extra hours to accommodate field experiences.

Substitutions for any coursework in this program of study must be approved by the Teacher Education Department Chair. Please note that some courses below may require lower division prerequisites not specified as program requirements. Requirements for Teacher Education programs may change due to legislative mandate. Candidates should request the most current requirements from the Teacher Education Department Chair.

Lower Division (Associate Degree) Courses

Unless otherwise specified, select courses from each category, see the A.A. Degree General Education Requirements  section of catalog for course listings:

General Education Course Requirements

Total General Education Credits: 36

Total State-Mandated Prerequisite Credits: 9

Lower Division Electives

With the approval of an advisor, select 15 credits from the following:

Lower Elective Courses

Total Lower Division Elective Credits: 15

Total Lower Division (Associate Degree) Requirements: 60 ⁴

Upper Division Courses

Total Credits for the Degree: 120


1 It is recommended that at least one physical or biological science include a lab.

2 Other general education natural science courses may meet this program requirement; see your advisor.

3 The two courses not taken to meet General Education requirements should be taken as lower division electives.

4 Students who do not have foreign language requirement at the high school level must complete eight (8) credits of foreign language.

Teacher Education BSE flowchart

For more information view the Teacher Education BSE flowchart  [PDF].

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